The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Simplified Intuitive Usability Features

Agility is designed to make both typical tasks and customizing tasks simpler.  Schema and Page Icons can be selected from the post editor and the post editor has the same styles as the page so what you see is really what you get.


Page editor with the same styles as the page

Agility now adds styling to the text editor so that it looks just like it will on the page.  This means that font styles, font family, font size, line height and content width will all look the same.

  • Even unordered lists
  • Will show your font awesome bullets

One nice feature is that the width of the text area will also match your content width.  Now you’ll be able to see what your paragraphs look like as you type them.  This extends all the way to embeds and images being properly sized. Image alignment padding and margin will also be accurate.

In fact, if you use the Agility column system inside of your content you will see the content rendered in those columns as you type.

WordPress has never been that WYSIWYG before!

5-27-2015 2-20-00 PM

Agility page details

Agility page details allow you to set Agility specific features on each page.  You can:

  • Override default schema for each post and page
  • Set a unique icon for each post and page
  • Add scripts to the page to make video responsive
  • Add page specific widget content for each post or page

This really simplifies the process of implementing some of Agility’s new features.

5-27-2015 2-25-37 PM

Agility color scheme

There is more information about this under the Design menu item, Agility completely simplifies the process of using your color scheme throughout the site.  Once you’ve set your colors they can easily be easily applied from a drop down list.

5-26-2015 2-52-47 PM

No more trying to remember your color numbers – EVERYWHERE you can set a color you will have a choice of your color scheme colors or a custom color.  And you’ll see that color in the dropdown so you won’t need to remember which color was which.

PLUS you can even rename the colors so the new names show up along with the colors in the drop down.

No skin anywhere makes it this easy to use your color scheme throughout your site!