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Page Specific Content Widget

Add content unique to each page in the sidebar

Sometimes you may want to have some different content in the sidebar for each page.  Perhaps a video or an image or a testimonial.  Before Agility 3 you needed a separate plugin with a different widget for each page.  But no more!

Now you can add content unique to each page or post to your sidebar – or any widget area.  All with only one widget.

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Just drop the widget in a widget area and add the content to the Agility Page Details

The Agility Page Details brings together all of the page specific settings that Agility offers.  Here you can set the schema for the page, set the page’s icon, load responsive video script and add your page specific widget content.

Anything you can put in the page editor you can put there:

  • WYSIWYG text
  • Video embed
  • Audio embeds
  • Images
  • Image Galleries
  • Shortcodes

The possibilities are endless!

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