The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Agility Site Width System

One Skin – Many Choices

Earlier versions of Agility only came in 1 width – 1032 pixels.  Now you have a choice. You can choose from:

  • 960 px
  • 1032 px
  • 1140 px
  • 1280 px
  • Full width

This is easily set in the Primary Dimensions section of Skin Design

5-23-2015 3-18-16 PM

Now if you have a site with lots of videos you can choose the 1280px wide site and show your videos in full HD!

Agility Does the Heavy Lifting

We love Chris Pearson’s Golden Ratio Typography!

Once you make a choice, Agility recalculates font sizes, line heights, padding, margin and a number of other things so that your site’s text follows the Golden Ratio pattern.

Plus it makes all of the appropriate changes for font sizes in mobile devices.  Go ahead, choose your favorite width and let Agility do the rest.  It will even change the settings in the page editor so what you see is what you get.