The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Agility Related Posts Box

The Agility Related Posts box allows you select related posts, pages or custom post types to any single post or page.  Let’s say you have a post type for testimonials and you have a taxonomy for “service type” you can use this box to show testimonials specifically about a particular service you provide on the page that describes that service!

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Simply Choose the Taxonomy you want to define the relationship

I know “taxonomy” is a big word but it just means a system of organization – like Categories or Tags.  Just choose the relationship taxonomy and Agility does all the rest for you.

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Custom Dependent Boxes

The Agility Related Posts Box comes with 5 custom boxes not already in the Typical Thesis Query Box.

  • Featured Image box – allows you to specify a link title which can include the page title.
  • Content Wrapper – allows you to target a wrapper around the excerpt for special styling.
  • Extended Excerpt – allows you to specify the length of the excerpt (in words)
  • Icon box – allows you to locate and display that post’s icon
  • Read More box – a stand alone “read more” link with full html control

Add a title before the related post

Often if you are using a Query Box in a sidebar you want to give it a title, similar to a widget title.  The Agility Related Posts Box includes the ability to add a title and specify a class name for that title.

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Agility Related Posts Thumbnails

This is a separate box that behaves exactly like the Related Posts box except that it is preconfigured to show post thumbnails and small page titles.  It is included at the bottom of the Single Post template and can be turned off with Display Options.

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