The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Agility Enhanced Query Box

The Agility Enhanced Query Box adds an number of extra features to the default Thesis Query Box.  It comes preconfigured with a Featured Page featured image, a page title, a content wrapper, and extended excerpt and a stand alone read more button.

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New Custom Dependent Boxes

The Agility Enhanced Query Box comes with 5 custom boxes not already in the Typical Thesis Query Box.

  • Featured Image box – allows you to specify a link title which can include the page title.
  • Content Wrapper – allows you to target a wrapper around the excerpt for special styling.
  • Extended Excerpt – allows you to specify the length of the excerpt (in words)
  • Icon box – allows you to locate and display that post’s icon
  • Read More box – a stand alone “read more” link with full html control

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Add a title before the Query Box

Often if you are using a Query Box in a sidebar you want to give it a title, similar to a widget title.  The Agility Enhanced Query Box includes the ability to add a title and specify a class name for that title.

Enhanced query options

The standard Thesis query options are very powerful – but if you choose “page” as the post type you can only insert one at a time.  So if you want to show 3 pages then you need 3 query boxes.  The Agility Enhanced Query Box includes the ability to show unlimited pages by including them in a list of page ids.

5-30-2015 1-54-00 PM

You can also use post id to select posts.

Read More Link Control

You end user no longer has to dig into the skin editor to change the Read More links.  You can set the text and event the link title from inside of Skin Content.  This makes it way easier to set the link text on the fly.

5-30-2015 1-57-24 PM

Icon Control

While the icon itself is set in the individual page, the icon size and style can be set from within the Skin Content as well.  Making design changes much simpler and easier.

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