The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity
Typical Agility Header

Agility Easy Header System

No need to learn the skin editor

It used to be that if you wanted to customize your header you would have to open up the skin editor.  Now you can do that from the Skin Content Settings.  And it’s as easy as a couple of button clicks.

Agility Easy Header Skin Content Settings

Choose your preferred column configuration

The Agility Easy Header has 11 different possible column configurations allowing you to use between 1 and 4 columns.  You can choose both the number and the widths of the columns.

Agility Easy Header Column Settings

Agility Easy Header Column Options

Choose the content for each column

Agility comes with 11 different content options allowing you to have very easy control over the layout and content of your headers.  These content options include:

  • Various combinations of Title and Tagline
  • Thesis header image
  • Full width responsive header images
  • Phone number link
  • Social Media Profile Links
  • Widget area
  • Menu
  • Thesis text box
  • Empty box that you can fill in the skin editor

Agility Header Content Options

Set the options for your content

If a content box has options then Agility allows you to set those options from the Skin Content section as well.  For example – if you are including the phone number then you can give it a heading, the actual number to be dialed and the number as it should be shown to the user.

Agility Phone Link Options

Your choices get automatically added to the Skin Editor

Once you’ve decided your column configuration and it’s content those decisions get automatically added to all of the appropriate templates in the Thesis Skin Editor.  This way power users will see in their skin editor what they have sent in their Content Options.

Agility Easy Header in the Thesis Skin Ediitor