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Agility Content Grid System

Still don’t need to use the skin editor

Operating similarly to the Agility Easy Header are the Agility Content Grid sections.  They can be completely configured from the Skin Content options.

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Choose your preferred column configuration

Like the header you have a choice of 11 column configurations from 1 full width column to 4 equal sized columns and 9 other configurations in between.  This allows you to develop very complex responsive layouts with very little effort.

Agility Content Grid Settings

Choose your content type for each column

There are 7 content types that you can automatically place in the each Content Grid column.  They are:

  • Featured Content Box
  • Icon Content Box
  • Widget Area
  • Thesis Text Box
  • Call to Action
  • Copyright
  • WordPress Menu
  • Empty box to use in the skin editor

You can even add a section heading like many of the newer websites do.

Agility Content Grid Options

Some of these will be familiar to you but some are new to Agility.

The Featured Content Box

Agility Featured Content Box

The Featured Content Box allows you to display a specific post or page simply by selecting it from a drop down list.  It comes preconfigured to display:

  • Featured image
  • Page title
  • Adjustable length excerpt
  • Read more button

Agility Featured Content Box Options

Power users can use the skin editor to change what is displayed.  In that case they have all the same options as a Thesis Query Box – plus a couple more.

The Icon Content Box

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The Agility Icon Content box is similar to the Featured Content box in that it displays one post or page that you choose from the settings.  The main difference between the two is that this box displays an icon of your choice instead of an image.  Like a featured image, the icon is set in the post or page editor.

It also gives you the ability to set the size and style of the icon.  You can choose from 5 styles of icons.  Agility uses FontAwesome Icons throughout.

Agility Icon Content box settings

Agility Call to Action

The Agility Call to Action box

The Agility Call to Action box has 3 possible configurations.  The tall/wide configuration is used on the Feature Box.  The short/wide is used on the Notice Bar.  Both of these are especially suited to elements that span the full width of the page.

The vertical stacked configuration is designed to go in a sidebar – or something other than a full width column.

You can also:

  • Choose one of 4 styles for the call to action
  • Add an overlay element
  • Choose a style for the overlay
  • Add a heading
  • Add a message
  • Customize your button text
  • Provide a link for the call to action

Agility Call to Action Settings

But if you want to use the Skin Editor

Every change you make to a content grid is automatically reflected in the Skin Editor.  That way you can use the content grids like a normal box.  You can add, subtract and rearrange the contents just like you would do with any other Thesis box.

Thesis Skin Editor