The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Powerful Layout Features

Beginners can make hundreds of layout decisions with a couple of mouse clicks.  Pros get tools like the Fluid Grid Layout Box, Easy Responsive Columns, Responsive Sub Columns and extended Query and Post Boxes.

Easy and Responsive

The core concepts behind Agility 3.0 are to be simple to set up and always responsive.  This means a beginner can very easily layout their header, footer, and sidebars.  Plus do what all the cool websites are doing on the home page.

Agility Easy Header

The typical Agility header has 3 main sections – the top bar, the main header and the top navigation.  These are 3 instances of the Agility Easy Header and each can be configured to be up to 4 columns wide with any of 11 content types.  This can be accomplished with a couple of mouse clicks.  No more skin editor – no more figuring out what to drop where.  It couldn’t be easier.

Agility Content Grid

The heart of the Front Page layout is the Agility Content Grid.  Similar to the header each content grid section can be configured with up to 4 columns in 11 different configurations.  Each column can contain one of 9 different content types.  Again, a couple of mouse clicks and you front page is setup and customized.

Agility Site Width

Agility is all about choices.  You can choose from any of 5 different site widths.  Including a modern full width layout which spans the entire browser window. Within that you can choose your content and widget area widths.

The beauty of this system is that once you’ve chose that and your typical font size and font family Agility calculates everything else for you.  Line heights, padding, margin, headings – all using Chris Pearson’s Golden Ratio Typography.

Fluid Width Layouts

Are you a big fan of the masonry style fluid layouts?  You’re in luck!  Agility now comes with a couple of fluid width templates – plus the tools to make many more.  You simply set the number of posts and the number of columns for the desktop view and Agility takes care of the rest.

Agility Easy Responsive Columns

When Agility was originally published it was the EASIEST way to create responsive layouts in the skin editor.  There is still nothing else like it in the marketplace.  But we’ve stepped up our game with a new system that only requires you to drag a single box around.

No more Area Wrapper, Area Page Wrapper, Column Wrapper, Reverse Column Wrapper and Columns.  Now it’s just a single box – drag it into place, set your column configuration and drop your content into it.  The only way for it to be easier is if it were voice activated!

And now it comes with responsive sub columns as well.  Drop an Agility Sub Columns Section into a regular column and break it down into even smaller sections.  Do you want 6 columns or 8 columns?  If so you’re gonna love the subcolumns box!  And it is ALWAYS responsive!

And Much Much More!

For the advanced user we have a whole slew of new tools for creating advanced layouts with multiple content types.  If you are willing to dig into the skin editor you will find:

  • Featured Content Box
  • Icon Content Box
  • Advance Query Box
  • Related Posts Query Box
  • Related Thumbnails Box
  • Fluid Grid Wrapper & Post Box
  • Call to Action Box
  • Custom Featured Image, Custom Read More, Custom Post Nav
  • Preconfigured Page, Single and Home/Archive Post Boxes
  • Preconfigured Comment Box

And in addition to new boxes Agility also has a handful of tools that make laying out a site easier and more responsive.  Like the responsive jQuery column script that solves some responsive problems caused by “responsive” sliders.