The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Expansive Social Networking Tools

Agility gives you easily styled social profile links for 14 of the most popular social networking sites, plus 2 others that you can customize yourself.  It also includes social sharing links to all of the major sharing sites.

Social Profile Links

Agility 3 gives you the ability to list all of your social profiles on your site.  There is no javascript added, no remote calls, no remote stylesheets – nothing to slow your site down.  Just simple links with icons.  And you can have it the way you want it:

  • You can choose the ones you wish to use
  • You can customize the titles for each of them
  • You can substitute your own custom images for the Font Awesome icons we automatically use.
  • You can even add your own custom social media links if one of your favorites is missing!

5-27-2015 2-36-52 PM

In addition Agility 3 comes with the Agility Social Profiles box.  This way you can place them anywhere you want them to show.  The Agility Social Profiles box can be automatically inserted into a header section.  Agility comes with one automatically added to the sidebar which you can choose to turn off.

The Agility Social Profiles box also gives you choices.  You can rearrange the order of the profile links (in the skin editor).  You can choose the style of the icons and you can add a title above them.

5-27-2015 2-45-51 PM

In fact – there are 3 built in styles to choose from.  2 of which you can customize with font size, color, background color, border, padding and margin!  Just like the regular icons you can have it your way!

5-27-2015 2-48-07 PM

Social Sharing Links

In the spirit of keeping it simple and fast – yet giving you the choices you want – Agility has it’s own system of social sharing links.  Again these links don’t depend on javascript or remote calls.  They don’t use images and they don’t need their own stylesheets.  This makes them way faster than the typical plugin.

5-27-2015 3-01-51 PM

  • Choose from a list of the most popular sharing sites – and list the ones you want.
  • Customize the label for each link – or not
  • Add an introductory label before the list
  • Change the colors of the buttons

5-27-2015 2-54-51 PM

In addition Agility 3 comes with the Agility Social Sharing Links box.  This way you can place them anywhere you want them to show.  Agility comes with one automatically added to the bottom of each page and the top and bottom of each post – which you can choose to turn off.

DIYThemes Social Media Extender

If you prefer the style of buttons that show the number of likes – and you are willing to live with the impact that has on your site speed, then Agility 3 still features the DIYThemes Social Media Extender box.  This box groups all of the DIYThemes share buttons into 1 box and allows you to put multiple copies of those links on a single page.

The great benefit of this box is that it automatically aligns the sharing buttons in a row, which has been a pain in the tush without it.