The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Powerfull Call to Action Tools

Call to Action boxes allow you to have different calls in different places.  3 configurations with 3 styles – and no code whatsoever necessary!

Agility Call to Action box

The Agility Call to Action box makes creating and styling calls to action pretty dang easy.  In each call to action you can create and customize:

  • An attention getting headline
  • A call to action message
  • A call to action button

5-28-2015 9-37-56 AM

The Agility Call to Action box comes with 3 types of configuration

  • Tall & Wide – perfect for full width sections on your page
  • Short & Wide – for smaller full width sections
  • Vertical Stacked – perfect for sidebars and narrow columns

5-28-2015 9-38-48 AM

The Agility Call to Action box also lets you choose from one of 4 styles.  3 of which you can customize to meet your own needs.

5-28-2015 9-39-13 AM

These are very powerful styles.  You can customize the background, headline, message, call to action button AND if you are applying it to a DIYThemes email box you can style the email box labels.

5-28-2015 9-49-55 AM

The Agility Call to Action box is one of the automatic content options for the Agility Content Grid so anywhere there is a content grid you can place a call to action.  For power users it is also available to insert ANYWHERE in the skin editor.

DIYThemes Email Box helper

Speaking of the DIYThemes Email boxes, Agility comes with a helper box that works with both the MailChimp and Aweber box.  Insert an email box into the helper and then use the helper to set the configuration and style.  You don’t even have to open the skin editor to change the submit button text!

5-28-2015 9-59-45 AM

Example of the Vertical Stacked email form

5-28-2015 10-01-54 AM

Example of the Short and wide email form

5-28-2015 10-02-27 AM

Phone number link Box

It’s relatively easy for a web designer to create an email link that can be clicked on by mobile visitors.  For a beginner it’s a little complicated.  The Agility Phone Link box makes this a no brainer.

5-28-2015 10-06-54 AM

Add some heading text – if desired, the actual phone number and the way you want the link displayed and Agility does the rest.  It even works with international phone numbers.

The Agility Phone Link box is one of the automatic content options for the Agility Easy Header.