The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Multiple Responsive Menu Styles

Responsive built in

The old Agility used a very simple responsive menu style – which wasn’t suitable for large menus or menus with drop downs.  The new Agility implements the Thesis responsive menu which works great and is easily styled.

5-27-2015 6-44-28 AM

Up to 4 different menu styles

Let’s face it – sometimes you need more than 2 or 3 menus.  As often as not they need to be located in different places.  So Agility gives you 4 different menu styles to use as you see fit.  3 of them are based on their location.  The secondary menu style can be used anywhere.

5-27-2015 6-46-32 AM

Full styling options

Agility gives you the full range of styling options.  All menus have a base set of styles including font color and background color for the various states, all of the typical font styles like font weight, font style, font variant & letter spacing.

5-27-2015 6-51-51 AM

Submenu Styling Options

Often you will want to style your submenu differently from your top level menu.  Agility has you covered.  You have all of the same styling options for the submenu that you have for the main menu.

5-27-2015 7-01-01 AM

More Styling Options

Agility also comes with a whole set of supplemental menu styles for both the top level menu items and the submenus.  These styles include background images, border, border radius, drop shadows and all the rest.  Plus these supplemental styles can be applied to any of the menus.

5-27-2015 7-03-12 AM

There is almost nothing you can do with this set of menu styles.  No skin on the market has this range of customization for your menus.