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Add Graphic Elements with Font Awesome Icons

Better than Images

Agility now includes Font Awesome which is a collection of over 500 icons in the form of fonts.  You can see all of the available fonts here.  The beauty of icon fonts is that they add graphic interest – without detracting from the content on the page.  They load faster, can be styled like fonts and can be used at any size.

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Many ways to use them

Of course you can use them just as they are intended to be used, by inserting them into text or lists – similar to the Home icon in the menu above.  However you can also set featured icons for pages and posts and use them in the post box or query box.  You can style lists so they include them as bullets.  You can use them, or not, as the social profile icons.

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Icon Content Box

The Agility Icon Content Box displays an icon, the page title, a short excerpt and a read more link.  It allows you to select from 7 icon styles and an icon size.

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And the icons for each page are set on that page making it very simple to match the icon to its content.

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Choose an icon style

Agility comes with 7 icon styles that you can configure any way you like.

  • Plain
  • Circle positive
  • Circle negative
  • Square positive
  • Square negative
  • Rounded square positive
  • Rounded square negative

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Style them any way you want to

Each icon style allows you to set the font color, background color or image, border, padding and margin.
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