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Flexible Widget Styling

Widget styles up the wazoo too

Agility comes with the ability to have 7 separate widget styles.  5 of them are based on typical locations and 2 can be used anywhere.  These are:

  • Main Sidebar widgets
  • Header widgets
  • Footer widgets
  • Feature box widgets (home page)
  • Attention box widgets (home page)
  • 2 supplemental widget styles – can be used anywhere

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Widget styles wherever you need them

When you drop a widget into a widget area Agility gives you the opportunity to either select one of the supplemental widget styles or add your own class name.  This enables you to either easily specify a widget style or even add a custom text or background style to any widget.

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Widget text styles

Agility gives you full control over the style of the body text in your widgets.  You can control font size, font family, font color, extended font styles and margin.  And don’t forget that Agility automatically recalculates line height, padding and margin based on the Golden Ration Typography.

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Widget link styles

Agility gives you control over both text decoration (underline) and color for both link and hover states.

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Widget list styles

Agility also allows you to style the lists in each widget area independently.  Just like the typical lists you can choose the list style, assign an icon as a bullet, manage margin and spacing – pretty much anything you might want to do to a list.

5-27-2015 8-09-26 AM

Widget heading styles

Naturally Agility is going to give you control over the widget headings as well.  And as you would expect you can adjust font family, font size, font color, the full range of font styles and margin.

5-27-2015 8-13-14 AM

Widget background styles

Some of the features above were part of the old Agility.  But not this one!  New in 3.0 you can now apply all of the typical background styles to your widgets.  That’s background color, background image, padding, margin, border – the works.

5-27-2015 8-16-35 AM