The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Extensive Background Styles

Background Styles up the Wazoo

Agility 3 comes with 40 separate areas whose backgrounds you can style separately.  That’s:

  • Every built in section – header, content, footer, feature box
  • 5 Custom styles
  • Every Widget style
  • Every Call to action styles

If it has a background – you can style it!

5-26-2015 3-50-18 PM

Huge range of choices

You can use these setting to create some very stunning backgrounds.  Any background element you may wish to style is available to you.  Background color, image, opacity, padding, margin, border, border radius, drop shadow – Anything!

Background Color

You can choose a color scheme color (called a skin color) a custom color and opacity.

5-26-2015 3-52-29 PM

Background Image

You can choose add a background image, set it’s position, attachment and repeat status.

5-26-2015 3-53-10 PM

You can even choose from one of 33 “Subtle Patterns” to add to the background.  These are my favorite 33 patterns from the library.  They are all semi transparent and will add texture to any background color.

5-26-2015 3-53-31 PM


Oh yeah, you know you like them.  So if they are appropriate for the situation you can have them – easily!

5-26-2015 3-54-29 PM

Border radius & drop shadow

For more artsy fartsy embellishments you can even specify rounded corners and drop shadows.

5-26-2015 3-54-57 PM