The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Agility Color Scheme System

Your colors – anywhere – easily

I’ve watched hundreds of people use Agility 2.1 to create and style their site.  One thing I noticed was that it was a total pain to use the color scheme throughout the design.  You had to remember the color and manually insert it when you wanted it in Skin Design.

Today the color scheme system is entirely revamped.  And EVERY TIME you have a chance to specify a color you can choose one of the color scheme colors from a drop down list.

5-26-2015 2-52-47 PM

And the drop down list even shows you the colors!  This way you don’t need to remember that the Medium Dark Primary color is a rosy shade of puce!

And even better – you can assign your own names to those colors – So instead of “Medium Dark Primary” it can read “Rosy Puce”!

5-26-2015 2-56-09 PM

Using the color scheme just go a WHOLE LOT easier!  And yes, you can still use the familiar color selector to place an entirely custom color anywhere you want.

A revolutionary new color scheme generation system

The old color scheme system was cool – but, it had some limitations.

  • First – you couldn’t specify the exact color you wanted to use as your base.  You had to find something close in the Thesis color scale.
  • Second – it only chose colors in the same shade.  If you wanted rosy puce then you got 8 different shades of rosy puce.

Say goodbye to limitations!

The Agility Color Scheme Generator lets you pick the exact color you wish to start with!  If you know your logo’s colors you can inset the specific color you want to use as a base.

5-26-2015 3-03-18 PM

But it doesn’t stop there – based your chosen color Agility will generate one of 5 types of color schemes with up to 3 different colors.  Those types of color schemes are:

  • Complimentary – 2 color
  • Split Complementary – 3 color
  • Triadic – 3 color
  • Analogous – 3 color
  • Monochrome – 1 color

For example – below is the Triadic color scheme using a dark blue as the base.

5-26-2015 3-07-24 PM

You are in total control

Of course you don’t need to use the automatically generated colors – you can always simply add your own colors, or supplement the calculated colors with your own.

21 color color scheme

It’s like a box of crayolas!  The scheme comes with 10 standard colors and 11 greyscale color.  For a total of 21 possible colors.  Oh, and the greyscale doesn’t need to stay grey.  You can use it to create an 11 color range of any color you want!

5-26-2015 3-15-15 PM