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The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Easy to Use Design Options

Agility has hundreds of design options that you can use to style your website.  From a state of the art color scheme generation system, to automatic Golden Ratio Typography calculations.  You give it a nudge and Agility will do the heavy lifting.

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It’s a whole new system of design options

Open up Skin Design in Agility 3 and you’ll see a lot has changed.  From the cutting edge color scheme generator with 21 colors and 5 automatic styles to the 10 sets of options that cover every aspect of the skin.

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There is nothing you can’t style

From the 72 independent areas of font styles to the 40 sections of backgrounds – from icons to calls to action – you are in control of it all.



Now you don’t have to control everything.  Agility handles the heavy lifting right out of the box – BUT if you want or need to change something you can!

Blockquotes, copyright, submit buttons, phone number links – anything in Agility can be adjusted and fine tuned from here.