The Optimum Mix of Power and Simplicity

Comprehensive SEO Tools

Thesis is well known for its SEO tools – including Schema markup.  Agility builds on that by allowing you to choose the appropriate Schema on a page by page basis.  Plus it makes Thesis compatible with Yoast SEO.

Set global schema – per post type

Thesis 2.1 is all about SEO and when it first came out a couple of years ago it was one of the few themes that incorporated Schema markup.  While many have jumped on the bandwagon since then – nobody gives you the flexibility that Thesis does.

The only drawback to the Thesis Schema system is that you need to set it and customize it in the Skin Editor.  While that is a simple task by itself – it really requires you to learn a lot more than you need to learn.

Agility to the rescue!  Agility takes all of the Schema settings out of the Skin Editor.  Now you can set Schema globally for each post type you have on your site.

5-27-2015 3-11-44 PM

Override global Schema settings on a post by post basis

Before Agility 3 you had to have a separate template for each Schema type.  Now you don’t need to worry about that.  Set the global defaults and if a page or post needs to be different than the global defaults you can set it on that post or page.  Nothing could be easier!

5-27-2015 3-14-32 PM

Thesis SEO

Of course Agility embraces and implements all of the Thesis SEO tools.  Everything that has set Thesis apart from its beginning is still available to you with Agility.

Yoast SEO compatible

However, if you are using Yoast SEO or are a fan of Yoast SEO you are in luck!  Agility is fully compatible with Yoast SEO.  All you have to do is install Yoast and all of the Thesis options will be automatically removed and the Yoast options will take precedence.

We’re all about choice here.